Social Club

Social Club

The residents of Christmas Manor have an active social club which raises funds by having raffles, 50/50 draws running the Tuck Shop and other events. These monies are used in part to bring entertainment for  the pub nights, pay for exersise classes, rent the bus for outings and other events.  Every month or so they have a meeting for all the residents, giving residents an opportunity to speak and discuss any issues effecting them.

L. J. Christmas Manor


The Social Club is very active here at Christmas Manor, providing residents with many activities, working in the gardens, growing vegtables and raising funds to support the activities. There is a meeting every two moths or so for residents to attendend and bring forward new ideas for discussion or implementation  


Mission Statement of the Social Club

To provide to the residents activities outings and social gatherings to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Membership in the Social Club is open to all residents all you have to do is go to the meetings. Every resident is encouraged to be part of the Social Club and to join in the activities not only because it is fun but also to continue to be involved in the building community.