Volunteers play a big role here at the Manor coming in regularly to visit and help our seniors.

We have the support of Shoppers Drug, who come in and do a free Blood Pressure Clinic, a number of singing groups like the Dogwood Songsters, the Confederation Singers and the Century Singers, as well as a regular visit for Hymn Singing.

We also have various school children who come to visit and do performances for our residents.


LJ Christmas Manor is a non profit senior citizens high rise complex operated by the Burquitlam Senior Housing Society under the sponsorship of the Burquitlam Lions Club. The manor provides accommodations for approximately 150 residents on limited incomes.

Centrally located near the Lougheed Mall, Christmas Manor is accessible to public transportation, medical clinics, hospitals, senior recreation centres, restaurants, hotels and numerous other amenities. Rents include heat, lights and cable.

Mission Statement

L. J. Christmas Manor offers affordable living options for seniors including hospitality services that support a full and meaningful life.


As a non-profit society, Burquitlam Senior Housing Society accepts applications for society membership from the general public and from friends and family of residents. As a Society member, you can voice your opinions and concerns at the Annual General Meeting and you are eligible to become a Board member.

Society membership is $10.00/year. If you are interested in joining our society, please print and fill out this membership application form and fax it to 604-931-0862 or email to reception@ljchristmasmanor.com